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Spirit of Awen 2021 


Hi Folk of Awen,

I hope you are all keeping well and safe as we live through these unusual times, calling on the Spirit of the Bear for the 2020 SOA camp seems to have been some how fitting, even if not in the way I envisaged!

However, it seems unbelievable to be honest that here we are again, in 2021 having to once again make a similar announcement, but one that I am sure will be for the last time.

So I am sure you won't be surprised, but Jamie and I have taken the decision to sadly cancel this year's Spirit of Awen. We are terrible gutted to have to make this choice again, but we would be foolish to go ahead in the current circumstances.

We have been advised that the ban on social gatherings and events will not be lifted, at the very earliest, until the end of June if at all. You will appreciate that this is just to late for the organisation and practicalities needed to put on a gathering such as Awen. Because of the uncertainties we are so far also unable to secure an events licence and event insurance which obviously is a must.

Even if the lockdown was miraculously lifted in time, we are advised that the likely hood is that social distancing and other stringent conditions, that we  will still be in place for events such as ours, not to mention the very real chance of compulsory COVID testing. I think you will agree, with such uncertainties and the potential restrictions, it is not advisable to go ahead. We feel strongly that people's health, safety and welfare must be paramount and camp, realistically, would not be able to ensure that this year even with the fast roll out of the vaccine .

BUT FEAR NOT.....We are committed and already planning for camp coming back bigger and better in 2022. We can't wait to meet up with you all again on the field, it really has been to long. Those of you who have already bought your tickets for 2020 camp, I will contact you, and offered the choice of holding them over again until the 2022. camp or to reimburse your money if that is better for you.

This is a terrible sadness and significant loss to lose something that is so important to all of us for a second year, especially as community, tribe and family are so important and much needed after all of the lockdowns and isolation from tribe and family that many of us have felt. But the Spirit of the Bear, it would seem has not quite run its coarse...

However, the Spirt of The Bear has many layers and energies that we can hold onto and continue to work with. As I said last year, for me it's spirit is about, yes time out and hibernation, but perhaps a much needed emphasis on a need to rest and nurture, to reassess and refocus. It is a time for regeneration, growth, strength and eventually rebirth. So I don't know about all of you, but those are the attributes I will continue to focus on and work with, whilst starting the Journey in readiness for  2022, and the RE-IGNITING OF THE SPIRIT OF THE TRIBE.....

Thank you so much for your continued understanding, stay strong, stay safe and I am sure we will see each other very soon on the field if not before.

Much Love & Blessings
Michelle, Jamie and the Awen Team 2021





5th - 14th AUG

5th -14th AUGUST A DATE TO PUT IN YOUR 2022 DIARY! See you all again on the Field ….